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· 6 min read

Babel 7.22.0 is out, with parsing/transform support for the Explicit Resource Management proposal, including both the sync and async variants, and with parsing support for the Import Attributes (an evolution of the old Import Assertions proposal).

We also updated our implementation of decorators following some changes in the proposal, and added support for the TypeScript import ... = and export ... = statements.

@babel/preset-env now includes transform support for the v regular expressions flag, which was recently approved as part of the ECMAScript standard, by default. Lastly, we renamed all the plugins for stable ECMAScript features from -proposal- to -transform-.

You can read the whole changelog on GitHub.

· 3 min read

We just published Babel 7.20.0!

This release includes support for TypeScript 4.9, and parser support for the Import Reflection and Explicit Resource Management Stage 2 proposals. Additionally, you can now use Deno as one of your compilation targets.

In the past few releases we have made gradual improvements @babel/generator's code location tracking, which lead to higher source map quality and better positioning of comments in the generated output.

We are also releasing version 9.0.0 of babel-loader, the Babel loader for Webpack.

You can read the whole changelog on GitHub.

· 4 min read

We just published Babel 7.17.0!

After years of iterations, rewrites and adjustments it looks like the decorators proposal has finally stabilized again on a new design! This release includes both parse and transform support for the new proposal.

We also implemented the RegExp v flag proposal and added parsing support for destructuring private fields, both currently Stage 2. Lastly, a new experimental implementation of @babel/register.

You can read the whole changelog on GitHub.

· 4 min read

This release enables parsing top-level await (Stage 4 at the May meeting) and transforming ergonomic brand checks for private fields (Stage 4 at the July meeting) by default. There is also now support for the Hack-style pipeline operator. We also improved our TypeScript support, implementing transform support for const enums and namespace aliases, and we expanded our heuristics to add .displayName to React components created by React.createContext() (#13501).

We also introduced a new compiler assumption, noIncompleteNsImportDetection, to produce a smaller output when compiling ECMAScript modules to CommonJS without worrying about partially initialized namespace imports caused by module cycles.

Additionally, you can now specify Rhino as a compilation target.

You can read the whole changelog on GitHub.

· 5 min read

Babel 7.14.0 is out!

This release enables class fields and private methods by default (they were promoted to Stage 4 during the recent April TC39 meeting!) and adds brand checks for private fields and static class blocks to @babel/preset-env's shippedProposals option.

We added support for Stage 1 async do expressions (using @babel/plugin-proposal-async-do-expressions), which extends the Stage 1 do expression proposal.

Thanks to Sosuke Suzuki and Pig Fang, Babel can now handle TypeScript 4.3 features. @babel/parser also has a new option to correctly parse TypeScript declaration files.

Finally, we introduced a new importInterop: node option to make it easier to produce dual modules by compiling ECMAScript imports to CommonJS that follow Node.js semantics.

You can read the whole changelog on GitHub.