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6.14.0 Released

· 2 min read

A new es2017, latest preset, and lots of fixes in this release.

It's been a while since the last post! If you haven't seen it, we started posting some notes at babel/notes.

And... we usually post the changelog in Releases, but I figured it could go as a post as well for minor versions.


#3624 A new preset for es2017: it includes the 2 previous stage-3 plugins:

// .babelrc
{ "presets": ["es2017"] }

#3625, #3673 A new preset called latest to include at transforms ES2015+ (currently ES2015, ES2016, ES2017). You can also pass options down to the es2015 preset.

We also will be working on getting a target/env (autoprefixer) preset soon.

// .babelrc
{ "presets": ["latest"] }
// with options
{ "presets": [
["latest", {
"es2015": {
"modules": false
] }

#3671 We also are including a spec option for the es2015 preset since the arrow function/template string plugins support this option.

spec for arrow functions adds a runtime check to make sure arrow functions are not instantiated (since they transform into normal functions). spec for template literals wraps all expressions in String rather than simple string concatenation.

// .babelrc
"presets": [
["es2015", { "spec": true }]

#3659 @kittens added an optional wrapPluginVisitorMethod callback to transform to allow for performance tracking/introspection of plugins. More docs will be added on the website soon.

#3658 sourcemaps will also now have a names field for identifiers to allow debuggers to do re-aliasing of mangled identifiers.

#3518 For spec compliancy, we now will throw on a file with multiple export default.

Notable Bug Fixes

#3527 Fix class inheritance in IE ≤10 without loose mode.

#3644 Support the ignore config option in .babelrc.

#3655 Flow-only class props were not be stripped without transform-class-properties.

Guy Fieri

#3641 Fix exports of babel-core. (@thejameskyle)

#3646 Remove Guy Fieri from Babel's source code. (@jdan)


And check out babel/babel#v6.14.0 for the rest of the changelog.